Demand Response

Receive financial reward for volunteering to reduce consumption!?!

What is Demand Response?

When the demand for electricity spikes, electrical grid operators generally meet that excess demand by ramping up expensive power plants or buying high-cost electricity from nearby areas. In some cases, the grid simply cannot effectively deliver enough electricity to meet demand, which can lead to power outages and quality issues.

Demand response programs encourage energy end-users to cut consumption during these critical times. Participants receive financial reward for simply being willing to cut energy use, regardless of whether or not there is a call for curtailment. By volunteering to reduce consumption during times of peak demand, participants help electrical grid operators control energy costs, prevent the construction of additional power plants and reduce negative environmental impacts.

Dawn Energy Consultants can lead your company to a successful demand response program by:

  • Identifying opportunities to participate
  • Recommending the best provider and program based on your business objectives and site-specific requirements

Our energy professionals examine your company’s operations to determine what demand response opportunities exist, as programs are only available in certain markets. If your operation qualifies and an opportunity exists in your area, Dawn Energy recommends the program and provider that best fits your company’s needs. Our unbiased perspective enables your company to evaluate both the rewards and the risks associated with Demand Response.