Energy Procurement

Effective electricity and natural gas procurement takes considerable time and expertise, which can only be gained through years of education and experience. As a dedicated professional, you understand that success is achieved only through a steadfast commitment to your trade. Our trade is energy management, and our staff of energy professionals possesses more than 120 years of combined experience-experience that delivers unsurpassed results.

Even the perfect strategy is meaningless without effective execution. After successfully negotiating several thousand energy services agreements, Dawn Energy Consultants have the skills and experience to help you choose the optimal product structure and term to meet or exceed your goals. We will develop a comprehensive request for pricing, and then distribute it to a select group of pre-qualified suppliers.

When placing you with a supplier we look for the following criteria:

  • Financial strength and credit worthiness
  • Product offerings
  • Most advantageous terms and conditions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Billing accuracy and timeliness
  • Customer service rating

Whether you are looking for budget certainty, price savings, or just an easier and more cost-effective way to manage your energy investments, Dawn Energy Consulting is here to help. Dawn Energy Consulting works with over 25 of the nation’s top electricity providers to get you the absolute lowest rates available, along with the best contract terms and conditions. Through our blind bidding process, we receive multiple customized quotes from electric companies interested in your business and allow you to choose the rates and terms that work for you. There is no cost and no obligation to go through the blind reverse auction process. We do the work, you get the savings!

Energy management is not a limited interaction service. Continual monitoring of the energy markets is crucial to determining the best time to execute renewal agreements. Purchases should be based on market conditions, not when your agreement is about to expire. Energy usage also needs to be constantly reviewed and monitored, looking for anomalies and ways to improve efficiency. How can you manage what you are not able to effectively monitor!?

Software Features

Consumption View

View your building’s consumption in simple, easy-to-understand visualizations, side-by-side with other factors like weather.
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Points View

View details on every single point in the system, along with the logic, calculations, alarms, detected faults and visualizations relevant to that point.
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Controller View

Controller View offers a behavioral overview of devices not generally considered meters. Users are able to confirm that equipment is being used efficiently, as well as monitor other sensors in the building.
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Energy Dashboards

Create dashboards from templates or from scratch. These can be private to a user or shared to anyone in the world via public URL and QR code links.
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Analysis & Reporting

EMP offers a number of different reports designed to help you better understand how your building is using energy. Any report can be scheduled to run periodically and send out the results by email.
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Portfolio Manager

System can easily “stitch” together water, electrical and gas data from multiple buildings for EUI analysis, Analytics and much more.
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Energy Star Integration

All information currently listed on an Energy Star account can be imported into EMP. This includes all buildings listed and all meters associated with said buildings.
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Entronix helps you bill your tenants for energy usage by pulling consumption data directly from the meters themselves.

Fault Detection

Identify and alert building engineers of problems as soon as they occur, or in many cases, even before.
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