Power Factor Correction

Did you know that you very likely could be paying penalties each and every month and they are hidden within their TDSP charges on your bill?!

Many electric utilities pass through a Power Factor Charge if the customer operates below a certain Power Factor level, such as 95%. They embed these penalties within your TDSP charges and you wouldn’t even know you are being charged without having an invoice or usage audit. Let us analyze your monthly electric bills to determine whether you’re being charged. If so then we will have an engineer visit the facility to properly design the equipment and installation, and make a turnkey proposal to eliminate monthly Power Factor charges. We provide a written proposal that identifies the monthly charges to be eliminated, the project total cost, and financial analysis to deliver a cost effective project for your facility Examine the load on your facilities to see if you are a target for the new “Power Factor” penalty and offer a solution to assist you with a correction to avoid charges and penalties for wasted electricity due to aging equipment or other devices. We can design and install a Power Factor Correction project that raises the facility power factor above the level where the utility charges are assessed on the electric bill and many times the cost will be offset by the savings each month!!