Utility Tax Consulting and Audit

For organizations with multiple locations or a high meter count, capturing utility bill data, and paying invoices can be both cumbersome and cost prohibitive. That’s where we come in!! Our team of utility tax professionals will help set your business up as tax exempt for the future but we will also go back and audit past utility bills for errors. Governmental and Consumer Reports consistently report that 1 out of every 3 American businesses are overcharged or billed in error on their utility accounts. Sales tax overcharges on utility bills can add more than 8% (depending on your local tax rate) to a company’s overall energy costs and if you have in fact been billed in error, we are able to go back and recoup paid taxes up to 48 months depending on state regulations.

Our Energy Management platform allows us to streamline the processes related to bill payment, exception handling and on-going reporting. Clients gain better visibility into their utility costs and usage which also allows us to help further customize energy strategies for procurement and demand-side management. During routine usage analysis, we regularly identify costly errors in rate code classifications, sales tax exemptions, supplier billing errors, line loss code assignments, block-and-index settlement values and more.