Why Dawn Energy Consulting?

Our professionals at Dawn’s # 1 goal is to reduce your costs! NOT just by securing a low rate. That is just one piece of the pie. We combine securing a low energy rate with many other factors that end in reducing your overall consumption and by packaging them we can potentially mitigate your costs upwards of 75%!

At Dawn, our focus is making intuitive energy management and utility billing platforms for commercial and residential facilities. Our team consists of engineers and specialists from the energy and automation industries who design and develop hardware and software solutions for properties throughout the US and abroad.

Our innovative energy management platform provides enterprise level monitoring of building systems byutilizing various types of custom sensors. Montoring includes all power, water and gas consumption, as well as mechanical system’s temperature, moisture and non-invasive fault detection via high-frequency.

Cloud-based and real-time, our platform provides systems data that can be used for measurement and verification, performance tracking, fault-detection, and analytics.

Utility Monitoring – Traditional Topology

The problem Dawn wanted to solve.
Its complicated.

Traditional metering solutions fail to leverage modern technology. Important data remains inaccessible or difficult to access. EMS/BMS systems typically do a poor job of providing data in a useful format. There are too many “moving parts” between meters and the data from the software.


The Dawn Solution

We make utility monitoring simple.
  • Cloud-based System

    Data is automatically collected and sent to the cloud

  • Simple installation

    No special programming – connect to the Internet and go.

  • Real-time Data

    View/print/email live data and reports on any device for tenant billing or energy analysis.

  • Automatic software upgrades

    Cloud based system automatically upgrades as new features are introduced.

    Why Use Our Platform?

    Optimization & Efficiencies.

    Building Owners strive to optimize and improve the function and efficiency of their facilities. To properly do this, we need to Measure and Verify the building’s consumption. After we Analyze the data, we can then work to Optimize the building’s operations and systems to achieve optimal efficiency. Our platform makes it simple and easy to perform these tasks.

    More Than Just Power Monitoring

    Our Platform is flexible enough to fit your many needs.