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Cost effective electricity and natural gas procurement takes considerable time, resources, and expertise

To succeed in today’s energy marketplace business owners and operators must base their energy power decisions not only on economic considerations, but also on a range of technical and regulatory drivers. As a result, energy procurement is more complex than simply calling a local supplier and obtaining a contract by making a passive decision. We are continuously comparing direct access markets to the local utility rates and monitoring the markets for short-term and long-term buying opportunities. As energy consultants, we also go much deeper than brokers to uncover savings by implementing energy efficiency programs critical to reducing energy consumption.

Once we understand your goals and how you are consuming energy, we can carefully consider your energy needs and develop a holistic strategy to attempt to reduce costs and lower market risks. This is where active decision making with can create strategic value for your business.

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As consultants, we are focused on providing more holistic service by evaluating the following:

Understanding the fundamentals of the market using market intelligence, research and in-depth understanding of the energy and utility landscape.
Negotiate structured and dynamic supply contract options to maximize savings and to reduce risk.
Continued monitoring of the energy markets is crucial to determining the best time to execute renewal agreements.
Working as an extension of your team, providing ongoing advice, project management assistance through all phases, and 24/7 support.
You can engage us free of charge and we only get paid by our suppliers after you sign a contract. We do not charge retainer fees or work under a performance fee model.

Natural Gas procurement and management of is completely different than electricity

The transmission and delivery process of gas to consumers can vary greatly depending on the utility and gas pipelines. Variables such as usage tolerance, bandwidth, delivery costs and products are measured much differently. will provide you with the necessary direction and help advise you make an informed decision. A formal risk assessment is also critical when procuring natural gas and, in some cases, staying with the same utility may be the best option. With natural gas being deregulated in most states, please send us a copy of your bill and let us go through our process to analyze your current rates and available supply management and efficiency programs that can lower your energy costs.

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Dawn Energy Consulting is a Boutique Energy Consulting Firm Specializing in Energy Procurement and Efficiency Solutions

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Lets Start a Conversation

Dawn Energy Consulting is a Boutique Energy Consulting Firm Specializing in Energy Procurement and Efficiency Solutions